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WeddingWow I look back at this photograph from October 2008 and this was prior to any of my back ache.  Sure I had been in a couple of car accidents and had physiotherapy but healed very nicely.

I am a 39 year old mother of one and I work full-time for Technology in Royal Mail, I lead on business change for IT projects.  I also undertake Hypnotherapy in my spare time.

I used to be a fitness fanatic and professional party animal but 6 years ago I had an accident that changed my life forever and for the better.  On the 4th of March 2014 I am due in Thornbury Hospital for major spinal surgery.  This blog is to share my experiences for 2 reasons; 1 to help others that may be preparing for similar surgery and 2 for me, keep my focused and smile at when the going gets tough.

This blog is not for sympathy so please do not pity me, there is always a positive out of every situation and in my case, this accident and poor health has taught me some valuable lessons, made me realise who my real friends are and allowed me to take charge of lifestyle changes that are IMPORTANT TO ME.  You have to put yourself first, then my family, then my friends.


6 responses to “About Me

  1. I am also having lumbar spine surgery in the next few months, I hope to find some peace of mind in your writings I will be checking back often and looking forward for your updates! Good luck!


  2. Did you go to the German Hospital where Dr. Ritter-Lang is the surgeon?


  3. Hey there,
    I thought it was interesting that you had surgery three years to the day after my first two level spinal fusion with instrumentation, decompression and lamenectomy.
    I look forward to reading your journey. I am eighteen months out of my second fusion and am still waiting for more bone to grow.
    If you’d like to read more about my experience, http://findingpassionforlife.wordpress.com is where I have chronicled my journey.
    Best of luck!!!
    – S.

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